The most fascinating history behind the invention of Olisbos(dildo)

Sex plays a vital role in every human being that breaths under the sun. In recent times the perimeter for the use of sextoys has reach it peak and shows no sign of declining. To our generation many think sextoys are now  popping up like ghost to hunt people who are not funs of it.You might also think the people of the past never thought of pleasuring themselves with such toys , then think again.tmp-cam-1847937667

The reign of dildo in Ancient Greek ,Persia ,China and India absolutely fascinating. Unclear origin story give two or more words which the word” dildo” was derived from.In Italian the word “diletto” which translates as delight or from an old English word “dill-doll” which also means sooth.Recorded by paleontologist the first dildo was discovered  in the Paleontithic era.tmp-cam-1557852358

Some cultures did not create preferring  more natural items like gourds ,plantain ,unripe bananas.tmp-cam-554276284

The Greeks first invented leather or animal intestine to cover the carved penis adding a more natural feel.Not only did they create dildo they were also made of stone ,wood ,and bread sticks lubricated with olive oil.In ancient Greek,particular reports claim that traders in the city made and sold olisbos(dildo) to wives to achieve sexual penetration whiles their husbands were away.High class members of society would even display their sextoys often made of gold ,ivory and silver.screen_shot_2013-06-19_at_1.47.44_pm

In some parts of the world,India and Persia for some spiritual reasons the blood from the hymen was unclean to them and is best avoided by new husband of the vigin.Therefore the local holy man would show up on the wedding night and use a huge stone like dildo to break the hymen making her clean.tmp-cam--1850057374

Hysteria was believed to give females problems like anxiety attacks ,headaches ,depression ,irritability and sexual desires and this could be only solved by hysterical paroxysm which you and I would call orgasm.This medical procedures were therefore carried out to elevate women from hysteria and the tools used were dildo.

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